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Important information:

  • Our services are fraternal and therefore completely free of charge.

  • Apometry is not about reading the future. It is not a religion and does not replace medical care, it only complements the latter.


“I need to cancel my appointment. What do I need to do?”

No problem, unforeseen events happen, we just ask that you let us know  so we can fit another person who also needs treatment.

"Why did you choose group treatments? Do they have the same impact?"

We decided to adopt the collective treatment format to reach a greater number of people and significantly reduce the waiting time, which went from 3 months to just 1 week.

Collective treatments carried out at distance have exactly the same effect and must be taken seriously. On the scheduled day and time, it is important that you are in mental connection with us or in prayer. Remember that spirituality and our team are dedicated and doing their best to help you achieve a better life quality. However, we cannot carry out this process without your cooperation.

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